U n d e a D . n l


It took quite a while but here it is, a layout which satisfies me. After weeks of designing and throwing everything away this is it! I've had it with all browsers and their differences and all web oriented programming languages.

CSS is hard and difficult to work with if there are so much different browsers and as many different results. I struggled hard and stole every bit of CSS I could get my hands on and hope it works in de majority of browsers. Please don't begin to cry if you find out that Internet Explorer sucks and Microsoft isn't that great and my page isn't as beautiful as it was supposed to be.


This layout fails on old browsers so upgrade! I tested this site with Opera 7.11, Mozilla 1.4b and Internet Explorer 6.

Internet Explorer is the only browser that neglects fixed positions and screws with my background so it works but it's not that fancy.

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